Don’t forget to Add ‘Plaid’ to Your Winter Closet!

This blog is about that one pattern that we all have seen in the streets, fashion shows, on celebrities. We have worn them from time to time and have probably even thrown them away, I am talking about the Plaid! Yes, the Plaid fashion is universal and forever. Plaid shirts are like fashion clippers that you can stick wherever you want and whenever you want. You do not need a season to flaunt your plaid shirt, you can tie it to your waist or hang it over your shoulders. This year plaid has taken one step forward and is popping in the fashion world with versatility. You will find Plaid in almost every form everywhere you turn your head. Plaids have gone viral and have become one of the ‘must haves’ in your winter closet.

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It is time to take out your old plaid shirt for the winters of the year. Boys are not having many choices in plaid other than shirts but luckily, ladies have been served with a variety of plaid this season. Not just shirts, fashion world is sewing plaid fabric for jeggings, scarves, winter boots and other clothing styles. Here are five plaid ideas that you can add in to your closet for plaid winters.

Classic Plaid shirt

You can carry the classic red plaid shirt with dark denim and a pair of boots. The best color for plaid is the combination of red and black. You can add a leather jacket to your bold plaid for winters. Also you can explore your creative side and style it with a tank top or a sweatshirt.

Emmy_Rossum_Stopping_Office_Los_Angeles_Ol_P4d_Q3_E                  taylor-swift-beanie-hat-plaid-shirt-leggings-boots-fashion-outfit

Plaid Scarves

Yes, even scarves have been woven in the classic black and red plaid pattern. Style your plaid scarf with a black tights or jeggings and black sweaters. You can add a beanie cap and tote bag with you plaid scarf. You can also go for light colored plaid scarves and style them with a sleek belt or a bold belt and tank top.

           M1 (1)   winter-street-style-15

Plaid boots

If you are tired of the same old black, brown and colored boots, then you should definitely try out the plaid boots. Plaid boots can make you stand out from the crowd. Plaid boots will work perfect with tights for casual look, You can pair the plaid boots with denims and a snood scarf.

10832132_964150043612999_200556856_n      duck_boots_-4-590x590

Plaid Skirts and Jeggings

Don’t be afraid to try out the plaid jeggings and skirts. Plaid brings out the bold look in you. Plaid skirt with black boots and tights along with upper layers give a touch of strong character to your look.

winter-street-style-20                    g

Red is the Color of ‘Chrismukkah’

December, the magical month that we all wait for is here! Along with the snow and dropping temperature December brings the spirit of holidays, New Year and Santa. Everyone head out on weekends to buy decorations, gifts and festive clothes for the much awaited festival, the Chrismukkah. The O.C fans must be well aware with the history of Chrismukkah and here is a brief description of the advent of Chrismukkah, for those who have heard about it now and then, but do not have a clue about what it is.

Seth Cohen from ‘The O.C’ invented the festival of ‘Chrismukkah’. His father Sandy Cohen belonged to Jewish heritage while his mother Kirsten Cohen was of Christian heritage which made it difficult for them to decide the way to raise their son. Hence, Seth as a child started using the word Chrismukkah and the Cohen family started the tradition of merging the holidays to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, together. Seth explained that it has eight days of presents which are followed by one day with lots of presents. The festival is the interfaith household practice of the Cohen family which represents the blend of cultures, celebrations and a respect to the traditions of Newport Beach and New York City.

Now that you know all about Chrismukkah, it is time to gear up and update your closet for the festival of the season. Red, Green and White are the colors that best represent the festival but being the most vibrant and confident color among the other two, Red leads the way to be most worn color for Chrismukkah season. If you are a true and loyal fan of Chrismukkah festival and want to carry the spirit of the festival everywhere you go, then this blog is for you! We have listed down the style tips that will help you get the fashionably glam and festive look from your work place to the evening parties.

M1 (1)        2917606_PicMonkey_Collage

Winter Accessories

Dress wisely with the popular winter accessories and pick scarves, socks, beanie caps and gloves to give a festive touch to your any look. You can pick them in red color or the combination of red & white and red & green. It is the best way to carry around the spirit without the ‘overdo’.

Autumn-Winter-New-2014-Women-s-font-b-socks-b-font-Winter-font-b-Warm-b    christina-aguilera-celebrated-her-32-birthday-L-JQvRnV

Dress in Combination

Even Taylor knows how to stay simple yet festive. You can choose from many options, a red and white coat for office, a loose red sweater with reindeers for a girl’s day out or just the red boots with your casual outfit. 

Christmas-Warm-Wear-Women-s-Winter-Long-Sleeve-Red-Wool-Blends-Basic-Jackets-Coat-Outwear-Free     oversized-christmas-sweaters-jjzetjmu

How to Style Knee Boots in Winters

When winter chills start to take over the weather, ladies set out on a hunt to find the latest coats, boots and scarves. Boots are no less than a fashion accessory for winters and are available in different material, styles, heels and colors. Boots were successful in marking a position for themselves in the list of the biggest trend for this winter. The knee boots which you may known as over the knee high boots, legging boots, XXL boots or even musketeers, are the boots of the season.

From celebrities, run ways, fashion bloggers to the street, everyone is putting efforts to make the statement with the boots of the season. These knee boots take your look from office in the morning to the evening party and add a spark to your look. It is important to note that you should know how to style the knee boots because the boots of the season have the potential to turn you into a fashion disaster if not worn the right way. Don’t worry! Have a look at different ways in which you can style your boots of the year from the office to the date.

For the Office look

These musketeer boots or the knee high boots no doubt, boost up full confidence and bring up the level of femininity in the ladies. With right pair of clothes and the boots, you can make the statement in your office. You can keep it all professional with the black color and the ones who want to keep it bit relaxed, can go for light colors with black knee high boots. Loose hair and a tote bag will go well with the look.

d0e080ff0d3faf8992d80e53be850e5a                            M2

For the Casual Look

You can keep a combination of sassy, casual and chic look with a pair of tights, narrow fitted denims or jeggings. Pick up the colors that go in harmony with you knee high boots. It is better to avoid boyfriend jeans with these boots. You can style the boots with a sling bag and a hair bun.

melrodstyle_aldo_aldo-shoes_streetstyle_latina-blogger_-mexican-blogger_-la-bloggers_night-look_ootd_black_trending_leopard-1   M2 (1)

For the Night Look

A short little black or red dress with knee high boots will make the heads turn around when you walk in. Hang a nice long neck piece with the dress. Choose intense and bright colors for your dress. If you cannot stand the chills you can pair a leather jacket with the look, it will add ‘nerve’ to your personality, in a positive manner.

5febb0a96325ee2456e6d3d9374b3483                           M3

What to Choose for Winter Look: Belt or No Belt

The temperature is dropping down with each passing day and so are the options in the wardrobe for winters. You can see people hanging heavy fur coats and trench coats in almost every corner of the street. This is when you need a belt to hold on to at least one bit of fashion in your winter look. After years of ignorance, belts are back with a bang. Belts have went on becoming the must have winter accessory to create the genius look. Celebrities, designers and fashion bloggers from round the world have also opted for belts for their winter look.

Your old faithful friend for winters, the long coat which is capable to save you from the chills can not help with the look, but it can turn out to be glam with a belt which works like a spell and gives your look an instant ‘chicness’. You can bundle up your whole wardrobe with a nice, sassy and stylish belt. Here are few simply perfect tips to style your cozy and dull winter look with belts that will help you stay fashionably warm.

Layers it up with a belt

Winter dressing is about wearing smart layers to save yourself from freezing. No matter where you are going and what you are layering, you can create the right look with a belt. If you are layering with the loose sweaters and pull-overs, a sleek or a regular belt will give a finishing touch to your. You can go for the classic brown and black colors for belt.

howtowearmaxiskirtinwinter12                  b0a304fce749174b69eb2a37e9be1396

It is the season of capes and belts

It is impossible that you don’t have a cape in your wardrobe for this season. And guess what! Capes and belts are paired up this winter to give you the ‘look of the season’. You can wear a formal belt with a loose winter cape along with a tote or sling bag for outing. You can switch the cape according to the occasion. Choose light and casual colours for day outing and vibrant colours for cape for a date or a party.

e60759f96235cf6afb9c02927c8570f5                TNW-CP-4001 COL-3Jabong1

Different Belts for different looks

You can pair your outfit from plain classic belt to bold and fashionable belts according to the style and pattern of your outfit. A broad and fashionable belt can be paired with a bright coloured long coat whereas you can add the classic black belt with your regular waist coat or a loose sweater.

8bf1c46a1ee4a30619d86cd0ebf56796               M1 (3)

‘Fall’ in love with lace skirts

We all love to dress up in gorgeous dresses with sequins, tulle and lace and especially lace dresses, who does not? Lace dresses and skirts are a hit from office to evening dates. Lace skirts have become a wardrobe winner for the fall season. Everyone from Bollywood beauty Chitrangada Singh to Music icon Taylor Swift are wearing them. Lace skirts are more versatile than a lace dress because you can style it for a swagger hang out look or a gorgeous Saturday look with just a variant degree of eye liner, accessories and pretty shoes.

article-2144867-131B2A87000005DC-725_196x484               2011-01-10-14-57-27-6-taylor-swift-attended-the-cmt-artists-of-the-year    

Just swap a few tops and you will get a completely different outfit. All you need is to know is which top or sweater to pair up with your lace skirt. There are lots of possibilities with a lace skirt which makes it a smart buy. Here are few styling tips to dress in your lace skirt. Take out your lace skirt and create a gorgeous and different look;

Layer it up with a crop top

The best part about layering is that it works for almost every dress or outfit. Whether you need to style a maxi dress for fall or a summer top, layering will get you the best look. You can create a layer of a jacket over a crop top to go with your lace skirt. A dazzling chandelier around your neck and a clutch in your hand would add flair to your look.

32e8a9866a756722cb34357b00d08bab                      e1f4bf5daeacf2b9f8c390c7f20a9ae1

One minute office look

You need just a minute to get the perfect office look. Pair your kitten heels and a body shaped sweater with your lace skirt. You can also dress in a single colour from bottom to the top with matching shoes and bag.

ec8125efe7071094985c1ef34763d79b                         M3

Half Tuck in is also an option

Pick out a loose sweater from your wardrobe and half tuck it in with your lace skirt. Isn’t it simple? Just add a bold eye liner and a few rings or a bold bracelet and you are ready to go. You can also carry a tote bag to go with the look. Pair it with a statement stiletto or kitten heels.

280504b28e8852dcea8ccb75e63660a2                           412e4b03279a2f3efa77159f9a92a322

Denim shirt and belt Look

Add a denim shirt to your outfit whenever you want to have the elegant look with a touch of swag. Pair a knot style denim shirt with you lace skirt for an evening look. Add a nice watch and evening clutch to go with your look. Whereas for an outing look you can tuck in your denim shirt and add a complementary sleek belt to go with the look.

a3a86db6b44a5009ed1d198a5a7dada7            3110855_open-uri20130617-18363-nhu68k

5 Trendy DIY Nail Art Ideas for Beginners

A woman is harmless only while her nail polish is drying. This often used quotes tells a lot about the love of a woman for her nails. It takes efforts and care to grow beautiful and strong nails and a greater extent of careto keep them safe. A woman has the courage to face the world but not to mess around with her outfit, and nails art. After all, these are the two things that make all the difference while heading for a date or an evening party.

A beautiful Nail art is a sight of attraction that makes you stand out. When it is combined with an elegant dress you make an unbeatable work of art. There are few women who spend costs on manicure trends and nails art, just for the sake of their love for nails. There are others who constantly on a hunt to find different nail art ideas and how-tos. A combination of simple, trendy, and easy, nail art idea can be an incredibly valuable tool.

Here are five latest do it yourself Nail art ideas, for the beginner looking for a stylish nail art how-to. You can flaunt these nail art ideas with matching colors of your dress, or keep it classic with black and white combination. By the end of this, you will become a nail art pro.

1. For the Beginners

This is for those who have just fallen in love with the nail art. Once you get to learn to put these dots accurately, you can hop on to the next level of nail art. Take tooth pick and paint your fingers with your favorite color.


2. November Moustache Mania

This November every one is flaunting the trendy mustache nail art. Don’t feel left out, try this simple DIY nail art. It would help you stay in the race.


3. The Music Notes

You will be need a needle and a tooth pick for this. You should practice the music notes on a paper. Once you have mastered then, you can head for your nails.


4. Splash the colours

You need a thin broad brush for this art. Paint the base with a colour and let the brush do the rest of the trick. Fire up your fingers and paint them now!


5. Colourful clouds

You can easily fake yourself as a nail art pro with the colorful clouds nail art. All you need is three nail polish of different colors and choose the colors wisely.


How to Roll Your Jeans with Every Footwear Like a Pro

Rolling or cuffing the sleeves of a shirt has been a common thing to do. You all must have done it either on a sunny day when you felt sweat in your forearms or while heading out with your gang for a day out. Now, the trend of rolling denims is hitting the fashion high and has become the must try look for all the seasons. You will spot divas flaunting messy yet perfect rolled jeans with stilettos, pumps, sneakers and every other footwear. 

Rolling is something personal, either you love it or hate it. If you love it, you can do it in any way. There is no such thing as a right or wrong roll. It is not a rocket science to roll denims but if you want ‘the Look’ then you need to learn to roll your denims like a pro. Roll down now, to learn the pro way to roll up your denims.


Thick Cuff

A thick cuff works best with wider and straight style pair of denims that area little loose. Pair your thick cuffed denim with a regular tee and flat ankle strap sandals. You can turn it into your hang out look with a crop top, scarf and pumps. To get a perfect thick cuff;

  • Fold your denims to make about one-inch cuff;

  • Fold it again to make the cuff thick;

  • Press it for a finished look.


Skinny Cuff

The skinny cuff as the name suggests is made for fitted silhouettes. It is a hit amongst the short girls as it creates an impression of long and leaned legs. You can make it a hit with a pair of wedges or low cut heel. To get a skinny cuff;

  • Fold your denims to make about half-inch cuff;

  • Fold another cuff about a half- inch extra;

  • Make sure its tight and right above the ankles.


Half Cuff

It is the messy roll or the half cuff works best for boyfriend jeans. You can use it for a perfect weekend look with a pair of casual shoes to an evening look with a pair of statement stilettoes. Add a leather jacket to make the statement with your slouchier style. To get a half cuff like a pro;

  • Fold you denim to create a four-inch cuff;

  • Bend the top hem downward;

  • Bunch the bottom of the cuff to make it perfect.


This Diwali Add Ethnic Look to Your Western Look

The much awaited festival of the year- Diwali, is around the corner. People, shops and markets are getting worked up with different delicious and delightful flavours of sweets, decorative lamps, gift baskets and clothes. It is also the time when ladies gear up and head out to find the best ethnic look. It is the festival when everyone goes for ethnic attires. If you are not comfortable with the churidaars, dupattas or looking to add a little twist and wraps to your look this Diwali, then this blog is for you.

Today’s fashion is all about fusion where one is trying to assemble trends and different genre. Don’t limit your options rather explore the possible fusions and feel free to pull off the look that you like the most. Check out the following tips to add a perfect blend of Indian ethnic essence to your western look:

Add a Crop top to Your Ethnic Look

If you have ever tuned into a channel telecasting fashion show, you must have noticed models carrying sexy tops with a long heavy skirt. It definitely makes sense! It’s the perfect bohemian- gone- traditional chic look. Get yourself a ravishingly stylish long skirt and pair it with an elegant crop top. If you are unable to merge the two together and want to get the complete look then you shall buy tops online in India. You might find the perfect mix match on few fashion websites.

crop-top                       M2    

Dazzle in Maxi

Maxi dresses are always a hit and never disappoint ladies. This Diwali, pair a plain and an elegant maxi dress with an ethnic silk or velvet jacket, with embroidery or mirror work. You will easily spot a jacket in any shop or on the websites. You can even buy tops online in India instead of a jacket to go with the dress.

maxi                222  

Add Bustier to your options

Style a sari with a bustier or bra-let. What you just read might take you aback, and your visualisation powers would be required here. It is completely fine to carry a stunning printed bra-let as an alternative for choli or blouse. Don’t shy away to add a spark to your on this festival of lights.

bustier                         M1

Ladies, pick a style and show off your trendy side to make a statement this Diwali!! Let the fear go away and radiant like the bright night sky of Diwali. Wishing you all a gorgeous, prosperous and a Happy Diwali!!     

Style Tips to Show off Your Crop Top in Winters

Sweaters make cosy outfits, but you can’t wear them everyday. They are also many a times not appropriate in fall, when you have no idea about the weather (it could be a sunny day or a cold one) and your wardrobe kinda messes with you because you are just not able to mix the right choice of outfit for an outing, party and your special dates. Though there are options to adjust coats and capes with your dresses for a good look, you will find every second person wearing the dresses in the same way. It is has become more like a common dressing style for fall and winters. But if you have a really special date or want to stand out from the crowd, wearing dresses paired with blazers, you will be needing your crop tops. Besides, there is no harm in showing off your midriff and nothing makes it better than the cute crop tops. A little bit of layering and you are on for your winter look. Here are a few styles to show off your crop tops in winters and you might actually thank me for this:

Crop tops and shirts

Layer your shirt with a crop. It the most basic way to stand out and add flair to your shirt look. You can pair a plaid shirt with a crop top for having a casual look. And if you are looking for a more glamorous look, pair a white shirt with black crop top. You know black and white makes an unbeatable combination.


Untitled                        howtowearcroptopsinwinter2

Crop top and skirts

If you need to dress up for an evening party or a more fancy event and you are looking for an elegant and sexy look, you can pair your crop top and skirts with high heels or peep toes. Style your hair with a raised bun and hanging ear rings. For a casual day look, you can wear a high waist skirt and crop top with boots. Your midriff will peep out exactly in the way you want it to. If you can’t beat the cold, add tights to this outfit.


2                         Pair-your-Winter-boots-semisheer-maxi-skirt-crop-top    

Wide pants and Jeggings

Wear your crop tops with high waist jeans, wide pants and high waist skirts, for a casual yet sexy look. You can wear tights under wide pants to save yourself from freezing. And if you still feel that something is missing, then add a cape to your outfit. Pair your wide pants with gladiators, peep toes, high    waist jeans and jeggings with ankle boots to get the right look.


Celebrities-Wearing-Crop-Tops-2015         M2

Make the Statement with Scarves

Scarves are an everlasting piece of clothing and make for a stylish fashion accessory, for all the seasons. The roots of scarves go back to Rome, where people used them as an ‘asudarium’, which means a sweat cloth. People in Rome used to tie it around their belt or their neck to wipe off sweat. Thanks to the fashion icon Audrey Hepburn, for creating a classic look with scarves and yes, you can easily buy scarves online in India. There is no particular season for scarves, you can use your scarf to protect yourself from the scorching summer sun, wrap it around your neck in winters or simply use it as a wrap up, while heading for the beach. The versatile scarves add a flair to each of your outfit and also to your personality. These are usually worn during the seasons of fall and winter.

audrey_hepburn_6532_north_382x_white                                      Jabong2 (2) 

If you want a good fabric designer scarf, buy scarves online in India. While buying a summer scarf or a woollen knit scarf, you should make sure that the fabric of scarf is of a good quality, because the appearance of your scarf matters a lot. Therefore, while buying a summer scarf, choose a cotton and silk scarf and for winters go for pashmina and flannel scarves. You will find a wide variety of scarves if you buy scarves online in India. Your scarf should not irritate your body rather it should give you a good feeling. You can make a statement with scarves and add colours to your outfit and personality. The trick to make a statement with the scarves is to wear them in a different manner. Here I have listed down the most stylish ways to style your summer as well as winter scarves. Choose the style that goes the best with your outfit and make a statement this season!

rosie                                        Jabong2

Wrap around your Neck

You can simply wrap the scarves around your neck. Choose a long scarf to carry this style and let it hang freely. You can carry this style with jeggings and skirts. When you buy scarves online in India, choose the colours of the scarf carefully, or else you might just loose the look. You can also wrap your cotton scarf like Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and family at LAX                    Jabong3

Adjust it with a belt

Style your scarf with a belt around your waist and your can layer a long cardigan over it or vice-a – versa. Keep the cardigan loose and this look will work for summer as well. You can pair this style with a maxi dress, maxi skirts and jeggings. For footwear, it is better that you stick with ankle boots, wedge boots and gladiators. When you buy scarves online in India, take a note that websites also sell belts in combinations along with scarves.

Jabong.2jpg                                    Jabong