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Don't forget to Add 'Plaid' to Your Winter Closet!

Don't forget to Add 'Plaid' to Your Winter Closet!

This blog is about that one pattern that we all have seen in the streets, fashion shows, on celebrities. We have worn them from time to time and have probably even thrown them away, I am talking about the Plaid! Yes, the Plaid fashion is universal and forever. Plaid shirts are like fashion clippers that you can stick wherever you want and whenever you want. You do not need a season to flaunt your plaid shirt, you can tie it to your waist or hang it over your shoulders. This year plaid has taken one step forward and is popping in the fashion world with versatility. You will find Plaid in almost every form everywhere you turn your head. Plaids have gone viral and have become one of the ‘must haves' in your winter closet.

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It is time to take out your old plaid shirt for the winters of the year. Boys are not having many choices in plaid other than shirts but luckily, ladies have been served with a variety of plaid this season. Not just shirts, fashion world is sewing plaid fabric for jeggings, scarves, winter boots and other clothing styles. Here are five plaid ideas that you can add in to your closet for plaid winters.

Classic Plaid shirt

You can carry the classic red plaid shirt with dark denim and a pair of boots. The best color for plaid is the combination of red and black. You can add a leather jacket to your bold plaid for winters. Also you can explore your creative side and style it with a tank top or a sweatshirt.

Emmy_Rossum_Stopping_Office_Los_Angeles_Ol_P4d_Q3_E                  taylor-swift-beanie-hat-plaid-shirt-leggings-boots-fashion-outfit

Plaid Scarves

Yes, even scarves have been woven in the classic black and red plaid pattern. Style your plaid scarf with a black tights or jeggings and black sweaters. You can add a beanie cap and tote bag with you plaid scarf. You can also go for light colored plaid scarves and style them with a sleek belt or a bold belt and tank top.

           M1 (1)   winter-street-style-15

Plaid boots

If you are tired of the same old black, brown and colored boots, then you should definitely try out the plaid boots. Plaid boots can make you stand out from the crowd. Plaid boots will work perfect with tights for casual look, You can pair the plaid boots with denims and a snood scarf.

10832132_964150043612999_200556856_n      duck_boots_-4-590x590

Plaid Skirts and Jeggings

Don't be afraid to try out the plaid jeggings and skirts. Plaid brings out the bold look in you. Plaid skirt with black boots and tights along with upper layers give a touch of strong character to your look.

winter-street-style-20                    g

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